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Our History

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09 Jun 23
10 Jun 23

The building you know as our Park Hotel KUR & SPA has more stories to tell than you might think...


...the facility was entered in the register of monuments and Świeradów-Zdrój has been enjoying its presence since 1906 - over 100 years is a beautiful age!

We invite you to travel back in time so that you can see for yourself where it all started ...

Haus Borussia and Haus Tapperet

The present building of the Park Hotel before the war belonged to 2 guesthouses built in 1906-1910, namely Haus Borussia consisting of 2 buildings and Haus Tappert. From 1948, the guesthouses belonged to the Trade Unions and served as a sanatorium for workers (D.W. Pokłosie), as well as a hospital, and then a Health Clinic (Haus Tappert).

Haus Borussia and Haus Tapperet
Haus Borussia and Haus Tapperet
In 1997, the DW Pokłosie building (former Haus Borussia) was purchased by the Buczyński Family. Since then, a complete reconstruction and modernization of the facility has begun. The part connecting the buildings and the restaurant was added. The guesthouse took the name of the Park Hotel.   In 2002, the adjacent building of the health clinic (Haus Tappert) was purchased. The buildings were connected and after the reconstruction they became one SPA complex.  

During the reconstruction, we tried to preserve the style and beautiful traditional architecture as faithfully as possible.

Świeradów-Zdrój dawniej

Romantic buildings, a unique stimulus microclimate in the mountains, springs of mineral waters and therapeutic mud are treasures thanks to which the resort owes its fame!
Świeradów-Zdrój has a long tradition and has attracted numerous patients and tourists for centuries.
The first written records appeared in the 13th century describing the healing properties of the local magical waters.
Świeradów-Zdrój dawniej
Świeradów-Zdrój dawniej
However, it was the Silesian doctor Leonard Thurnessen who examined and described the sources of local mineral waters in a book published in Frankfurt from 1572. The beginning of the resort can be considered to be 1768, when the first house with 14 rooms for patients was built and the spring water intakes were regulated. Soon, more houses for patients were built.

The first Dom Zdrojowy was built in 1781. The building was destroyed by a fire in 1895.
The present Dom Zdrojowy, built after the fire, welcomed its first guests in 1899, becoming one of the most beautiful resorts in Lower Silesia.
In 1884, Świeradów received a railway connection from Mirsk to Gryfów, and from there directly to Berlin, Dresden and Wrocław.
In 1932, the sources of radium water were discovered, which enriched the healing possibilities of the spa.
Today, Świeradów Zdrój is one of the few and, at the same time, the largest Radon SPA resort in Europe, and one of the two radon SPA resorts in Poland.
The former name of the town - Flinz was changed to Flinzberg and then to Bad Flinsberg. Since 1948 we have been calling them Świeradów Zdrój.

Silver jubilee

25 years of Park Hotel **** KUR & SPA

On November 12, 2022, Park Hotel ****KUR & SPA Buczynski celebrated lavishly the anniversary of its 25th birthday!

A beautiful age and a piece of beautiful history associated with it.

In 1997, by a stroke of luck and complete coincidence, two wonderful people - Barbara and Wieslaw Buczynski - came to Swieradow. 

25 years of Park Hotel **** KUR & SPA
25 years of Park Hotel **** KUR & SPA
In 1997, by a stroke of luck and complete coincidence, two wonderful people - Barbara and Wieslaw Buczynski - came to Swieradow.  With the help of their hotel experience gained in Sweden, Mr. and Mrs. Buczynski traveled across Poland looking for a property to sell to their friend. They came to Swieradow "on the way" and completely by accident, which resulted in the purchase of the "FWP Pokłosie" building and its transformation into the Park Hotel we know today. The gala event, consisting of three parts: a presentation, a concert and a dance party, brought together many of the hotel's regular guests who have been vacationing there from almost the very beginning until today, as well as a group of invited family friends, employees and partners of the company. The celebration was highlighted by a wonderful concert by Stanislaw Soyka and his band, as well as a fire dance show.  
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