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Observation Towers

Rezerwuj bezpośrednio na stronie najtaniej!
09 Jun 23
10 Jun 23

If the Mountains are still too low, we invite you to visit the observation towers available in our city and its vicinity. And there are 4 of them! The views are breathtaking and the trip to the towers has many advantages.

Path in the clouds

Skywalk Tower

The highest observation tower in Europe, put into use in the summer of 2021. The tower with a walking path, 799 m long, is finished with a viewing terrace with a glass floor, located at a height of 56.6 m.

The project assumed the creation of a belief in the shape of an adventure and cognitive object, the aim of which is to enable the admiration of the surrounding views from a bird's eye perspective. The structure also offers several additional attractions, such as a ropeway, a slide and a relaxation network.

Skywalk Tower
The viewing tower
on Czerniawska Kopa

The viewing tower

Made of durable larch wood, the observation tower in Czerniawska Kopa was put into use for visitors in November 2019. Many years earlier, its predecessor, which unfortunately did not survive the test of time, stood in the same place.

15 meters high, it allows you to rise above the treetops and admire the beautiful panorama of Świeradów from two observation decks. The place to rest and the bicycle stands installed there allow for a longer stop and the organization of a picnic during the trip.

Obserwation tower on Młynica

A steel structure with a total height of 33.8 m, put into use in 2022. The tower has two viewing terraces at a height of 15.5 m and 23.7 m.

On the highest observation deck there are telescopes, panoramic cameras and a camera for observing the horizon, allowing you to see the panorama of the Jizera Mountains and Foothills.

The nearest car park is at ul. Strażacka (above the lower SKI & SUN gondola station). The route from the parking lot to the tower must be covered on foot.

Obserwation tower on Młynica
The towers are spread over different parts of the city:

The towers are spread over different parts of the city:

on the Czech side


Smrek - has two vertices; one at an altitude of 1123 m and the other 1124 m above sea level - these are the peaks of the western border of the High Ridge.

The name Smrek comes from the Czech language and means "spruce". It is a reference to a tall spruce tree that grew in the place of the tower for several centuries.

The observation tower, open to visitors, was built in 2001-2003 on the site of its predecessor - a wooden structure erected at the end of the 19th century. If the weather permits, from the highest terrace you can admire the panorama of the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains, the Karkonosze and the Jizera Foothills.

You can walk to the tower from Stóg Izerski. It is a distance of about 3 km.

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