We have our own Rehabilitation Centre  with a modern treatment base at the hotel. Here you can receive complete and friendly help with ailments of the locomotive system, the circulatory system, and the respiratory tract


Cures and treatments are provided by Park Hotel’s Healthcare Centre (registered in accordance with the Minister of Health’s order of 16 July 2004 under the register number 000000020592).

What do we Treat

What do we Treat
What do we Treat
- rheumatic pain, especially spinal column pain and cervicalgia
- chronic inflammatory conditions involving pain of the shoulders
  and neck (discopathy, tennis elbow,
- radices pain, lumboischialgia, sciatica)
- rheumatoid arthritis
- spondylitis ankylosans (Bechterew’s disease)
- hypertension
- post surgical pain of ligaments and muscles
- disorders of peripheral nerves, migraine
- disorders of upper respiratory tract, especially in children (asthma)
- psoriasis
- sclerodermia
- gout


- febrile states
- infective diseases
- psychoses
- palsies
- thrombosis
- total inability to attend oneself
- urine and faecal incontinence
- diseases with which balneology treatments are contraindicate

Park Hotel KUR & SPA Buczyński

Świeradów Zdrój, Orzeszkowej 2
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